April 15, 2011
About the project
Project Title HOF I
Owner Jaturong Thanapura
Location Pak Chong Nakhon Ratchasima  Thailand
Area (Sq.m.) 370
Year 2012 – 2014
Architect IDIN Architects Co.,Ltd
Structural Engineer Pakanut Siriprasopsothron
About HOF is an office for Rungruang Development Company, the leader of housing development in Udonthani province in West-Eastern of Thailand. Also, HOF is the company owner’s house. The project is hence comprise of two different purposes. One active purpose is an office with daily traffic of the staffs. The other passive purpose is a house for the owner. Due to the limitation of site area, the design was to balance both activities and appropriately combined into one building. ‘Working for living’ and ‘living for working’ is the cycle similar to Yin and Yang that all should balance for life. The building was designed into two parts that connect together in the shape that both parts rely on each other to stay stand. The active office zone is located in front on the North to allow for natural daylight and reachable from main road. The passive living zone is located on the South where the activities are on night time, hence it was designed to act as a sunshade for North building. The connecting path is in between both buildings which connect office’s second floor to entire area of the house. Sun and wind was determined for exterior design. Solid wall was employed on the West to reduce heat down for the interior. Glasses were applied for the North to allow day light for the office. The house living zone has double screen which simultaneously allow for wind as well as shade sunlight from the South.